Then I'm the Remodeler for You.

I am Not the Fastest, I am Not the Cheapest.

I Am, However, According To My Customers, The BEST.

In remodeling, it's all about the details, and I'm obsessed with them. Why? Because I'd rather do things RIGHT rather than right now. It takes time to do things properly and I refuse to compromise quality for speed. I'm not the fastest, and I'm not the cheapest contractor around, but according to my customers, I exceed their expectations with the final result.

If that means that we've ordered T5 cabinet door handles that you don't LOVE, we'll shut down the job, search every supplier for something better, and make sure it is perfect before we continue. If I have to go back again, fine. It's your kitchen, not ours. And the only thing that counts is making it exactly the way you want it. Period.

Your investment in remodeling your home is something I take very seriously. It's all about YOU, your needs, lifestyle, and having minimal disruption during the construction.

That's why I prefer to spend ample time with you to go through the details before we show up on the first day of your project. I'll discuss with you what to expect and how to  prepare for the unexpected.